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Condisano - the Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian vitamin D enriched

All the taste and properties of selected extra virgin olive oils, obtained exclusively from Italian olives, together with the daily required amount of vitamin D that our body needs. It’s Condisano, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian enriched with the sunshine vitamin.
There are few foods that, naturally, contain vitamin D. Only a few animal fats contain significant amounts from a nutritional standpoint. The daily diet, then, can generally meet only in small part our need for vitamin D. The remaining part should be guaranteed by the production in the body further to our skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation present in sunlight. However, modern lifestyles, that lessen our sun exposure, and the use of sunscreen creams, make it increasingly difficult to meet the daily requirement of this vitamin. The vitamin D deficiency is, thus, becoming  a common worldwide problem. What better food than olive oil to intake vitamin D in the daily diet of the Italians? Condisano, the vitamin D enriched oil was born just for this.

  Nutritional properties 

Dante Condisano Extra Virgin Olive Oil has all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the prince condiment of the Mediterranean diet, enriched by the addition of vitamin D.
Vitamin D is essential for efficient absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body and maintaining good levels of calcium in the blood, a key condition for normal mineralization of bones and teeth during childhood and adolescence. During adulthood, it retains a great importance for the maintenance of healthy bones. Vitamin D is essential also for the normal function of the muscle tissue. In conditions of deficiency, there is a reduction in muscle strength, balance disorders and increased risk of falls, especially in the elderly. It also has an important role in the functionality of the immune system and natural defenses.
Two tablespoons of Dante Condisano Extra Virgin contains the Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin D for an adult, equal to 5 micrograms.

  Use in cooking 

Condisano can replace normal extra virgin olive oil in everyday cooking. The addition of vitamin D leads to no change in flavour and smell, which remain those of Olio Dante.
As a dressing or preparation of cooked dishes, Condisano enhances your dishes with the taste and fragrance of selected Italian oils, enriching them with vitamin D at the same time.
Especially recommended for those who like to enhance the flavour of food with fruity and strong  notes.
If you prefer a milder dressing, without giving up the contribution of vitamin D,  you can also try the Condisano Olive Oil.

  Nutrition Table  

Nutrition Values

per 100 ml

per 1 tablespoon (11ml)


3378 kJ/822 kcal


0 g


0 g

of which sugars

0 g


91,3 g

of which saturated

13 g

of which monounsaturated

71,3 g

of which polyunsaturate

7 g


0 g

Vitamin D

22,7 μg (454% RI*)

2,5 μg (50% RI*) 

*RI = Reference Intake

SIZE: 750 ml

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