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Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil "100% Italian"

Exclusively obtained from Italian olives collected at the right ripening stage to preserve the fruit’s fragrance and its anti oxidation substances, Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil "100% Italian" is the result of a careful selection so that only the best Italian tradition gets into the bottle.

The rich and pleasant organoleptic profile is the result of a wise combination of olive variety coming from different areas of our Peninsula. The harmony between taste and smell depends on the intense fruity and pleasant piquant flavours, characterizing this olive variety with a strong profile, typical of some areas in the South of Italy, mixed with sweeter and more delicate olives from other selected Italian cultivar.

A fruity green smell that reminds of the olive pulp at the perfect ripening stage and of just mown grass, combined with a slightly bitter and spicy taste, in a limpid green oil with golden reflexes  and a strong but at the same time balanced profile.

  Nutritional properties  

The Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil "100% Italian" is the natural juice of the best Italian olives of which it preserves all its properties, both organoleptic and nutritional.

First of all, the main oil components of oil, fats, are present in the Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil in an extremely balanced composition. Monounsaturated fatty acids  prevail, with less abundance of saturated fatty acids (forerunners of cholesterol and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases) and polyunsatured fatty acids easily leading to oxidation, with the formation of free radicals.

The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are not only due to its fatty acids composition  but also to minor components that, even if present in smaller concentration, are essential on the nutritional side. Among these phytosterols able to lower cholesterol absorption and antioxidants such as tocopherols and polyphenols that have a protective action as they prevent free radicals, main responsible for cell ageing.

Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil presents a very high level of polyphenols, due to an accurate selection of the best Italian olives collected at the right ripening stage in order to preserve the antioxidant content of which olives are naturally endowed. The slight notes of bitter and spicy, present in the Dante Extra Virgin and so pleasant at taste, are an index of excellent nutritional quality as they are linked to the presence in the oil of the polyphenols that, having several biological properties, are able to slow down the cell ageing process.

  Use in cooking

The Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil "100% Italian" presents a high stability during cooking, thanks to its composition characterized by a low grade of unsaturated fats and anti oxidants that give it a high resistance in alterations due to heating.

Dante Extra Virgin Olive Oil "100% Italian" thanks to its fragrance and strong taste is perfectly suitable for the preparation of dishes for which you require a fruity and slightly spicy note of oil. Best to try on legumes or vegetable soups, meats, salads and bruschette.

  Nutrition Table  


Nutrition Values

per 100 ml


3378 kJ/822 kcal


0 g


0 g

of which

0 g


91,3 g

of which saturated

13,0 g


71,3 g


7,0 g


0 g


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