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Vitamin Enriched Peanut Oil

Dante Vitamin Enriched Peanut Oil is obtained from the Arachis hypogaea L. seeds (American peanut), processed and enriched with vitamin E and vitamin B6.
Among vegetable oils it is the most prestigious thanks to its balanced fatty acids composition, making it similar to olive oil.

  Nutritional properties 

Dante Vitamin Enriched Peanut Oil with added vitamins has a very balanced composition of free fatty acids, as it contains many monounsaturated fatty acids and few polyunsaturated ones. That is why this oil is resistant to the oxidation process and has a high smoke point ( more than 220°C).
It is also enriched with vitamin E and vitamin B6. One tablespoon (10 g) of Dante various seeds oil contains 9 mg of vitamin E (75% RDA) and 0.25 mg of vitamin B6 (18% RDA).
Vitamins are macronutrients that our body needs for perfect functioning and are essential to regularize many chemical reactions.
As they can’t be synthesized by our body except few, they need to be daily introduced through our diet.
Vitamin B6 has a primary role in the amino-acid metabolism, so it is important for a proper use of proteins that we introduce through food.
The biological function of vitamin E is instead mainly due to its anti-oxidant properties thanks to which it protects cell membranes from oxidation damage. It is thus important in hindering the action of free radicals and in slowing cell ageing.
Like the whole range of Dante vegetable oils also the Dante various seeds oil is gluten free and so suitable for people affected by celiac disease.

  Use in cooking 

The Vitamin Added Peanut Seed Oil Dante is undoubtly an excellent oil for frying, thanks to the composition of fatty acids making it highly resistent to high temperatures. 
It is suitable also as dressing, keeping unaltered the nutritional properties of the oil and of its vitamin content.

 Nutrition Table  

Nutrition Values

per 100 g



3700 kJ/900 kcal


0 g


0 g

of which sugars 

0 g


100 g

of which saturated 

16,3 g




22,0 g


0 g

Vitamin E

90 mg


Vitamin B6

2,5 mg


*RI = Reference Intake


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