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An Italian history

Olio Dante’s history begins in Genoa in 1849, when Andrea - founder of the Costa family - begins to market and transport olive oil and fabrics from Sardinia to Liguria. In 1854 Giacomo Costa founds  the company "Giacomo Costa son of Andrea", specializing in the purchase of raw olive oil in Mediterranean countries in order to export it overseas with the Costa label.
In 1898 the first shipments are directed to North America, Argentina and Australia, countries in which the constant flow of Italian emigrants generates a demand for domestic food products. The need to quickly transport their products, leads Giacomo Costa first to use second hand cargo ships and then to build them directly, creating what will later become the fleet of Costa Cruises. Among the various Italian products, the most popular is oil, essential food for Italian cooking but not yet widespread in the Americas, where it is replaced by vegetable and animal fats like butter and margarine. When Eugenio, one of the sons of Giacomo Costa, sets on his first voyage to North America with the aim of consolidating a network of sales, he discovers something surprising: the Americans identify the name Costa more with the Portuguese than with Italians, and therefore considers appropriate to change the label as "the reminder to Italy must be easy and immediate". The idea of giving the name Dante to the exported oil, was to offer the Italians a product that would remind them of motherland and - in the intentions of Giacomo Costa - closely linked to Italy, just as the Supreme Poet. Already in 1904, Olio Dante is so well known in America that at the San Louis  Exposition it is awarded its first Grand Gold Medal as best product, which will be followed by the second medal in 1915 in San Francisco and the third in 1935 in Brussels. The choice of the name is so appropriate that someone else tries to get immediately hold of its success. The Spanish launch the oil "Beatrice", with an identical mark in which the aquiline profile of the author of The Divine Comedy is replaced by the one of a gentle muse. In advertising the Costa are at the forefront, the ads in the press are refined both in graphics, and in colour creation, using sometimes Italian and Flemish masterpieces. They are among the first, in 1928, to sign contracts with Eiar for radio ads, paid 2 lire per word and transmitted by the Italian Radio. Then, they pay a designer to create the character of Dantina, a little girl in a short dress, a bow in her hair and baby shoes. The first advertisements in the pages of "Le Vie d’Italia", a historical journal of the Italian Touring Club, date back to 1933. Olio Dante makes its debut in 1959 on the Rai Carousel with  Peppino De Filippo, in the shoes of the famous "superfine chef" and, later, with the couple Paolo Panelli e Bice Valori on the Ligurian coast. In 1967 it is awarded the Oscar for the new drop catch capsule contained in the "drop stop" cap.
In 1985 the British-Dutch multinational Unilever takes over Olio Dante, together with the historical plant of Inveruno (MI), run by the Van Den Bergh. In 2008 the Spanish group SOS-Cuetara, led by the Salazar Bello family, buys the Italian brand and sells it later, in April 2009, to the Oleifici Mataluni. After 24 years the label of the “Divine Poet”, thanks to a brilliant financial operation run by the Mataluni family, is brought back to Italy. Since May also the production moved to Montesarchio (Benevento), in the modern plant of the Oleifici Mataluni, equipped with a highly specialized laboratory for quality control and with a Research Centre (Criol) for the development of oil materials and innovative packaging, one of the main agro-industrial oil complexes in the world.

The Oleifici Mataluni

The Oleifici Mataluni, born in 1935 in Montesarchio (Benevento) from a small family sized mill, are one of the most important agro-industrial mill complexes in the world.
They develop the entire production process in-house: crushing, refining, bottling in glass containers, PET and tin; production of PET bottles.
Since 1980, the industry has been led by the President Biagio Mataluni that - together with his wife Elvira, his son Biagio Flavio and his brother-in-law Gaetano Avino - has boosted the activities undertaken by his grandfather, specializing in private label and brand products in the Italian and foreign big retail distribution.
In 2006, the Oleifici Mataluni start a major strategic plan that will lead to the acquisition of the brands Topazio and  OiO, as well as smaller labels originally owned by the companies Chiari & Forti SpA, resulting in a shortening of the supply chain for the benefit of the consumer and the agricultural world. Then they purchase from Carapelli S.p.A. other 11 brands of olive oils, including Lupi and Minerva, which belonged to the famous Ligurian company Minerva Agricultural Food. In 2009 they take over the brand Olio Dante from the Spanish group Sos - Cuetara, taking back to Italy after 24 years the historic Italian label of the Supreme Poet, created by Giacomo Costa in Genoa in 1854, and giving a major new impetus to the Made in Italy. Finally, in 2011 they define the passage of the brand Olita from Star, with whom they start a collaboration on the food service channel.

Together with Unaprol, the largest Italian olive oil consortium that brings together 550 thousand agricultural producers, in 2010 the Oleifici Mataluni constitute the Consortium EVOLIO. A big chain project, which combines olive oil mills and manufacturers with the common goal of enhancing only the best of Italian products. Olio Lupi with IOO% Italian brand Quality, comes from a certified supply chain and entirely Italian which allows smaller producers to enter the market with a product born in the olive groves and arriving directly at the table.
In 2011, the Oleifici Mataluni sign an historic agreement with Nippon, one of the largest Japanese channels of distribution for the exclusive marketing of their brands in Japan, in addition to other distribution markets (Germany, Denmark, Holland, England, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine, Albania, Malta, United States, Australia, Philippines, China and Iran).
Today, with a modern factory equipped with photovoltaic and trigeneration plant, a specialized laboratory for Quality Control and CRIOL - Research Centre for the development of innovative packaging materials and olive oil (accredited in 2010 by the Ministry of Education), they are among the main producers of edible oils in the international scenario, producing private label oils for leading companies of large retail groups and 23 historical brands, including Olio Dante, Topazio, Olita, OiO, GiCo, Lupi, Minerva and Vero.
Thanks to investments in research and development, since 1998 the Oleifici Mataluni have introduced the PET in the oil market, designing and producing a bottle completely recyclable also for quality oils (particularly popular in the United States and Japan), and in 2011 they present the project Re-Waste for the disposal and enhancement of vegetation waters.
In 2013, they become part of Campania Bioscience, the district that operates in the field of biotechnology and health sciences.
In 2013 there is the first launch in Europe of the new bottle for edible oils made from 100% recycled plastic, within the project "Re-Pack Edoils. Use of 100% Post -Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate to produce packaging for edible oils”, funded by the European Commission in the CIP Eco-Innovation. The company is also engaged in the project e-Gotham (2012-2015) for the production and management of energy through smart micro-grids.
Among the awards received, the prize "Environmentally Friendly Innovation" (2010 - Green Economy Legambiente), the award "Elected Product of the Year" (2011 - TNS Italy) assigned to the complete brand  Dante, the prize "DM Awards" (2012) for the best website for consumer goods companies. The Oleifici Mataluni become National Champion at the European Business Awards (2013) and are awarded the Cluster Prize “Best in Show” within the category "Health, biotechnologies and agro-food" at SMAU 2013.
In 2014 the company was awarded “Coop for Kyoto”, the recognition that Coop awards to the best initiatives of its suppliers, regarding energy saving and minor environmental impact. The oil complex has resulted in being the most virtuous as to installed plant dimension.

Research and Development

The attention to quality and bend to constant innovation are guaranteed by the presence, in the Oleifici Mataluni’s agro-industrial complex, of the Research Centre for the oil sector (Criol), specialized in the development of oil materials and innovative packagings. The Criol was born in 2001 for the Oleifici Mataluni’s Research and Development needs, and by the cooperation with the Department of Food Science of the University of Naples “Federico II”, and in 2004 develops the project "Quality control and technology innovation in the oil sector”. Today the Criol is considered among the most cutting edge centres of excellence in the oil field and, since 2010, has been listed in the ministerial Register of research laboratories accredited by the MIUR.
The Criol actively cooperates with several Italian and European research centres and with prestigious Universities as the University of Naples “Federico II”, the Second University of Naples, the University of Salerno and the University of Sannio. The several scientific co-operations, the presence of innovative instrumentation and of young researchers well trained in university research, allow the Criol to successfully carry out different lines of research in the fields of quality control, in the improvement of nutritional and sensorial oil properties, in the innovation of new production technologies, in the development of innovative packagings in terms of functionality and eco-sustainability, and in the valorization of production processes by-products.
The publications on international scientific journals, the participation to sector meetings, the coordination of both national and international research projects, the introduction of innovations both on industrial process and product, witness the activity and results of the Research Centre of the Oleifici Mataluni. 

Ongoing projects:

VA-LORE Project
(VALO-RE – Enhancement of olive oil mill wastewaters for the formulation of functional foods and bioenergy producing” – Project, funded by PSR Regione Campania 2007-2013 Misura 124 according to DRD n° 274 del 12/7/2012, CUP: B25C12000050004.)

CAMPUS Project
(Project: Introduction and promotion of healthy food and rationalisation of production in traditional production-chains of Campania Region, CUP B77I12000130007 POR Campania FESR 2007-2013 – Asse 2 – O.O. 2.)

(Project: Use of 100% Post-Consumer RecycledPolyethyleneTerephthalate to produce packaging for edibleoils” - CIP Eco-innovation Program; n. ECO/10/277355/SI2.599775 contract)

Quality Control

The quality of all the products produced in the Oleifici Mataluni’s agro-industrial complex is certified by the company’s Quality Control laboratory, among the most up-to-date laboratories in the Italian food industry. Biologists, chemists and technologists daily carry out several analysis and controls on all the olives and oil lots in entrance, on processed and end products before their distribution.
All the production phases are carried out under the control and supervision of the Oleifici Mataluni’s laboratory, equipped with the most advanced instrumentation and highly qualified staff - thanks also to the collaboration with other research and analysis centres and institutes - ensuring the assessment of authenticity and healthiness of every single product placed on the market, for full consumer safeguard.
The laboratory is equipped with an up-to-date and functional room for the sensorial analysis of oils, set up according to the international olive Council directives. The fully trained tasting panel, complying to national and international field regulations, carry out the organoleptic evaluation tests of all the in entrance oils as well as on the end products to check their compliance to the expected sensorial profile. One section of the laboratory is dedicated to the control of packaging material compliance. Also the materials used for product packaging are carefully checked in the laboratory to assess their quality, functionality and healthiness before use.
Quality Control is present on all production process phases and each process is carried out in compliance with the procedures set by the Oleifici Mataluni’s quality department and examined by external certified bodies.
The management system for quality, environment and social responsibility of the Oleifici Mataluni is certified by the international standards (ISO 9001, IS0 14001, IFS, BRC, SA8000).

Marketing and Communication

The Oleifici Mataluni have a Marketing and Communication Area: a true brainstorming area where creatives, graphics, copywriters and students plan advertising campaigns, produce multi media contents, take care of events and press conferences, choose the best naming for products and experiment new languages on the web 2.0, analysing market data and advertising investments.
They carry out all the processes for the creation, production and promotion of the Oleifici Mataluni’s activities, in collaboration with the main Italian universities, with consumers associations, with Centromarca and with a network of Food Blogs.
The communication evolution starts from sustainable relationships with consumers and press bodies and gives voice to purchasing managers that actively participate in the costruction of the brand identity, creating contents on the web, sharing their information and testing  new products and innovative packagings created by the Oleifici Mataluni.
Among the main activities carried out the projects “Sostieni la Natura”, “Ricette di famiglia”, “Io merito un’opportunità…” together with the Università del Sannio, P.E.T. and Oliogramma; naming and media launch of “ConDisano” and “Terre Antiche”; “Dante Family Day”; on line channel “Dante Store”; Temporary Stores in the Italian railway stations; partnerships during Olympic Games in London 2012 at “Casa Italia” and at the Mostra del Cinema in Venezia; cooking show at “Casa Sanremo”; sponsorships of Calcio Napoli, Basket Cantù, Benetton Rugby and Benevento Calcio; concorsi “Scendi in Campo” and  “Il Gusto di Tifare”; web portal and mobile site for Olio Dante.
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