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Festival dei Sapori del Mediterraneo, Olio Dante nella Nazionale italiana del gusto

Olio Dante e lo chef Massimo Biale vestiranno il grembiule della Nazionale italiana al Festival dei Sapori Mediterranei di Biserta (Tunisia), in programma da oggi fino al 14 giugno prossimo.
Scelto dalla Conservatoria delle Cucine Mediterranee di Torino come il cuoco che avrebbe rappresentato l’Italia nella manifestazione internazionale, l’Executive Chef dell’Aeronautica Militare, Massimo Biale, incarnerà lo spirito della tradizione culinaria italiana, attraverso l’esecuzione di alcune tra le ricette più significative del Belpaese, condite con l’Olio Extravergine Dante “100% Italiano”. read more

An Italian history

Olio Dante’s history begins in Genoa in 1849, when Andrea - founder of the Costa family - begins to market and transport olive oil and fabrics from Sardinia to Liguria. In 1854 Giacomo Costa founds  the company "Giacomo Costa son of Andrea", specializing in the purchase of raw olive oil in Mediterranean countries in order to export it overseas with the Costa label.
In 1898 the first shipments are directed to North America, Argentina and Australia, countries in which the constant flow of Italian emigrants generates a demand for domestic food products. The need to quickly transport their products, leads Giacomo Costa first to use second hand cargo ships and then to build them directly, creating what will later become the fleet of Costa Cruises. Among the various Italian products, the most popular is oil, essential food for Italian cooking but not yet widespread in the Americas, where it is replaced by vegetable and animal fats like butter and margarine. When Eugenio, one of the sons of Giacomo Costa, sets on his first voyage to North America with the aim of consolidating a network of sales, he discovers something surprising: the Americans identify the name Costa more with the Portuguese than with Italians, and therefore considers appropriate to change the label as "the reminder to Italy must be easy and immediate". read more

Olio Dante Cookbook

The multimedia Olio Dante Cookbook is created thanks to all Food Bloggers who daily collaborates with the Supreme Poet: thousands of recipes to be tasted, sub-grouped by category and easily consultable through the handy Search Engine, will get your table savor-enriched. Easy-to-make ideas for every kind of palate, both for those who love tradition and for those who want to try different dishes. Everything dressed and enriched with Olio Dante! 

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil cannot be considered a red-light food

No red lights for extra virgin olive oil. The European Union has, in fact, rejected the “traffic-light label” used for foods in the UK and it has opened an infringement procedure against the British system, that is considered to be discriminatory. The “traffic-light” labels have branded some of the best known Made-in-Italy foods as unhealthy, along with 1.200 European PDOs and PGIs, among which extra virgin olive oil is included. The aim, according to the British Ministry of Health, was to fight obesity. read more

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